The Warrior Mind Combat Blueprint will make you dominate your adversaries mentally and physically

Whether you have extensive combat training or have never trained in your life, my system will install the pure warrior mindset in you and teach you to win

The Warrior Mind Combat Blueprint will train your mind to dominate people, instantly control situations, and IMMEDIATELY react when faced with violent opposition. This is the ultimate formula to making your mind the most powerful weapon in your strategic arsenal. Knives, guns, airplanes and explosives are NOT WORTH SHIT if your mind falters when you're under violent attack. 

We've all heard the stories of the martial arts black belt who was beaten to a pulp by some jackass gangster. His art didn't fail him...his MIND DID. Without this type of mental training ALL YOUR MARTIAL ARTS will not function under the stress of a sophisticated, prepared attacker. Traditional and sports martial arts like Karate, Brazillian JiuJitsu, Aikido, Kungfu and other such arts, have largely been WATERED DOWN to suit strip mall martial arts training centers and HOBBY MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTORS. But the experienced criminal will gut them without a moments thought even with all their years of training. The reason is simple, they are prepared PHYSICALLY but mentally they are ZEROS.

You need to prepare your mind for the worst the world can throw at you. The Warrior Mind Combat Blueprint will help you do exactly that. 

You’ll Learn:

Daily mind training drills that BUILD combat psychology and strategic thinking

Visualization strategies that will take you into the MIND OF A KILLER and teach you to defeat them

How to setup your daily life to AUTOMATICALLY train your mind to fight in an instant

Secret tactics intelligence officers, government assassins, and other professional killers use to prepare their minds for extreme violent action

The Immediate Impact:

You will feel empowered and energized by the relief of being able to CONTROL your fear rather than simply accepting it and letting it control you

Fear of the unknown, risk, fighting, killing, and death will have less of an emotional impact on you as you get desensitized to aggression with each module you complete

You will feel instantly calmer and less agitated when you face intimidating, stronger people. And you will humanize them as the hunks of flesh they are, not as indomitable forces that can't be beat

That sickening feeling of being powerless in the face of a better resourced, stronger adversary will disappear as your mindset develops and you see their weaknesses clearly

"Great material. I found the sections that used personal stories and narrative to illustrate precepts to be the most poignant. Cultivation of sangfroid while everything around you is falling apart and the wolves are closing in. The visualization exercises are good. I found the communication exercises in module one to be imminently applicable as somebody who has to break rough news to folks, very quickly breakdown info in crisis situations, or relay info to busy people who hold tangible power to effect an action, de-escalating angry or insane people, or delegating commands to subordinates or colleagues. All require different approaches. Communication is incredibly important and not many people delve into it when studying martial arts or self defense to the extent it should. Visualization helps you get there prior to when the shit hits the fan. I noticed the style changed from listing the mental maps and paradigms to the more narrative and experiential. Again, the stories really help to burn these lessons into the memory and justify the maxim. Plus they are an exciting read! I see very few people addressing these issues. Rich Dimitri touches on them as does Richard Grannon, but otherwise they are novel and unique in the RBSD/martial arts world...unless one goes so far as to look to the works of Gavin de Bekker, and even then, nobody puts it all together like you. It's like the 48 laws of power. People who heed your advice will benefit from it. This is important work you are doing. I sincerely hope it reaches the audience it needs to. This is good stuff. Really and truly. I thouroughly enjoyed reading these and they jive with what my own experiences have taught me.

Garland H. Neurological Nurse, USA

"Taught me to out-strategize career criminals."

Chris H. 

Corrections Officer, New Zealand

"Something you don't see in most martial arts, learned this stuff in the Marines."

Hakim A.

Marine Special Forces, Egypt

"Ruthless mind training."


Police Officer, Indonesia

"I was curious. Now I'm impressed."

Furukawa H.

Judo Instructor, Japan

Ustaz Hussein 

Founder of Pencak Silat Sharaf International


About the Author

Ustaz Hussein is an internationally respected combat instructor specializing in close-quarter knife combat. A veteran of street violence as a reformed gang member turned paramedic, he now puts his experience to use training professionals and prepared civilians to handle brutal real-world violence. Ustaz Hussein is also the founder of Pencak Silat Sharaf International: An organization respected internationally for its expertise in the tactical application of Southeast Asian knife arts.