Urban Survival: Silat in Chaos

Surviving in an urban chaos situation is not a joke. Whether in riots, anti-government protests or military coups, this webinar will assist you in getting mentally and physically prepared for dark days. This webinar is a compilation of experiences and tactics that actually worked to keep PSSI members alive in real situations in Egypt, Sudan, Thailand, Taiwan, Canada, and Syria. Also includes street medical tips, knife selection and other critical survival info to increase your chances of surviving.

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As a civilian who witnessed a war and chaotic situations in the Middle East, I was surprised of information, techniques, details variety and arrangement. I have learnt alot and hoping to learn more. Thank you Ustaz for this.

Hamza Ryad

Silat Student, Live Seminar Attendee


Straight forward education on staying alive!

Ebrihim Raheem

Combat Medic, Live Seminar Attendee

Cost: $25

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