Silat Sharaf


Silat Sharaf (Version 3.0) is a modern system of Silat that took me many years of blood and tears to develop. I’m a traditional Indonesian Pencak Silat instructor and a paramedic, but I grew up inner-city, gang-related, and exposed to all sorts of street-level violence. Silat saved my life on multiple occasions and helped me save other people’s lives also. Over the past 15 years of my travels in North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa I have experienced so much beauty and so much brutality. This collected body of strategic knowledge and street-validated Silat is the core of Silat Sharaf. It’s what I believe in, what I do, and what I feel every day. It’s my experience and training that I will pass to you in every contact we make.

The Mission of Silat Sharaf is to develop Martial Strategists, not technical experts. Through the combination of academic study into military and martial strategy, extracting principles and applying them successfully into the three major spheres of modern life: Professional, Personal, and Online. This holistic approach to Silat education lends well to those who are looking for a system that can adapt to their lives and grow with them over time. Silat Sharaf transforms from being the external training you do to the internal person you are by engineering the system into your daily life rather than at timed training slots throughout the week. And as the system helps you to grow and succeed in your life by implanting Victory DNA into your mind and body, you will gain a personal experience that will impact you and all those around you in a positive way. The three things we guarantee you are:

1. Dedicated and experienced lead instructors who truly care about student’s education
2. A street-validated combatives curriculum I or people very close to me have used in real life
3. A modern tribe that will stick with you to the end and help you achieve your training and life goals



As a combative system Silat Sharaf is designed for simplicity and effectiveness in non-lethal and lethal force engagements. The physical components of our curriculum, when properly applied, bear more resemblance to an armed bulldozer than martial training tactics. The culture of the system is a smooth blend of the modern and traditional: Guns, knives, and sticks are all our friends. The curriculum is also flexible and can adapt to situations demanding low levels of force or verbal command alone, making it an effective option in civilian settings or military settings. Functionality, adaptability, modernity and strategic thinking are the main ingredients that make Silat Sharaf one of the best choices for real-world combatives training.



Cyber Silat is a very modern aspect of the Silat Sharaf curriculum added into version 3.0 for 2017. The training focuses on adapting martial strategy to an online environment against sophisticated opponents. The internet is a vast ungoverned frontier that lacks traditional “good guy bad guy” scenarios. Sometimes the bad guys are twelve-year-olds penetration testing your bank for kicks, not dollars. And sometimes they are sophisticated criminal networks who work offline and online to traffic in drugs, humans, digital assets, or valuable personal financial data. With these realities, it’s only natural that Silat Sharaf would have to adapt to a new threat model and bring the system into the 21st century. Through our training acronym of S – secure, I – investigate, L – layer, A – assess, T – terminate, we’ve redefined the boundaries of what Pencak Silat means in the modern world.



One of the most neglected aspects of civilian combatives training is the reality that people can get seriously injured or maimed in combat. Silat Sharaf teaches a unique system of Street Medicine designed for the laymen first-Aider who finds himself in a situation of violence where medical treatment is needed, by himself or others. The training comes into vivid focus when one realizes that the injured party isn’t the important one, rather the one delivering the life-saving assistance is. If you were attacked and your child shot, would you have the know-how to help them until EMS arrived? If you traveled to a country that lacked proper medical services, would you be able to plan a basic medic kit to take with you? If you saw a person unconscious but couldn’t reach them, could you remotely assess if they were alive or not? These are basic skills in the Street Medicine curriculum. The purpose of Street Medicine is not to make you a medical professional, rather the purpose is to give you basic lifesaving skills that can be applied with tactical eyes, capable of working in dangerous situations. Our curriculum was designed by professional paramedics and combat medics to factor in the reality of threats, riots, aggressive people, dead children, serious injuries, multiple weapons and a host of other real life problems. This is just one more aspect that adds to the effective and street-validated rule that Silat Sharaf holds so dear. You can see more about our training courses here. Not sure what you need? email me and I’ll help you out.

Best regards,

Ustaz Hussein

Founder & Head Instructor

Silat Sharaf Tactical