Street-validated Combatives Training

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Internal Martial Arts Training

Author: Manny O.G Internal martial arts is occupied with spiritual, mental, or qi-related aspects, as opposed to an "external" approach focused on physiological aspects. Internal martial arts core is on…
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Online Martial Arts Training: A Fat Dose of Reality

PSSI Student, Paul, in Taiwan after two days of online martial arts training with the Silat Sharaf Streetfighting Drills Video. Our respect and greetings go out to Paul for contributing…
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Martial Medic: Street Medicine at its Best

Street medicine is relatively unknown to martial artists. The world of the martial artist is one in which glory lies within a simple combination of personal development and victory over…
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Silat principles for online protection

S.I.L.A.T S - Secure: Use a good VPN (virtual private network) that will create an encrypted tunnel for you to access the internet from. It's cheap, easily accessible and invaluable. is…
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How do you train women?

Women can be fierce fighters but intelligence is needed when it comes to training them. Whatever is correct for a man is NOT automatically correct for a woman also. You…
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Does PSSI focus on vital points and joint locks?

Student questions regarding PSSI training and usage. 1. Does PSSI focus on vital points and joint locks? Answer: depends on the situation and enemy. Sharaf focuses on whatever is…
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