Online Martial Arts Training: A Fat Dose of Reality

Author: Ustaz Hussein

PSSI Student, Paul, in Taiwan after two days of online martial arts training with the Silat Sharaf Streetfighting Drills Video. Our respect and greetings go out to Paul for contributing his awesome video and the PSSI Taiwan Tribe group leader, Colin for standing with PSSI for years. You’re a rock bro!

One of the most frequent questions I get is about online martial arts training and how the hell is it possible to actually gain any skill from it? It’s a valid question but I dare to say a very outdated one. I’m a maniac for technology and I love IOT, distributed infrastructure, Amazon buckets, you name it I’m on it. The internet is the literal shit and we are in the information age bros. This ancient thinking of the early 90s and 2000s that the net is for digital realities that can’t translate to physical realities is over. Online martial arts training with Silat Sharaf International and other quality training providers is viable. And a perfect extension solution for any martial artist looking to improve their skills with lightning speed.

Understanding your goal is the key to success

With online martial arts training, it’s imperative that you determine what you’re actually learning and focus on that goal in order to gain a benefit. The biggest mistake students make is expecting to become UFC fighters or Kungfu masters with online martial arts training. That’s a joke I’ve been laughing at for years. If that’s your goal you need to focus it in a gym where people specialize in that and can train you through the ranks. The immense power of online martial arts training is not to give you the basic functionality of a martial art. Rather the power lies in extending your knowledge and showing you new ideas and possibilities for what you are currently learning in a more systemized way than random Youtube videos can. The second power aspect, in PSSI online training specifically, is that we don’t focus entirely on techniques because we don’t train martial artists…we train you to become martial strategists. I can teach you a simple training drill, one technique and strategy for violent encounters and you can duplicate it and modify it in ten different ways. That’s mental power projected into reality.

A quality, experienced instructor is always a powerful value proposition

The majority of martial arts instructors are bullshit. I have no qualms saying that because it’s the truth and I’ve made my reputation for not shoveling BS down people’s throat. Martial arts is a hobby they enjoy and after time served you get a black belt so the natural progression is taught two days a week and charge for mediocre, never-tested fighting techniques. If I studied medicine, never worked in the hospital, never prescribed drugs, never did surgery then told you I wanted to teach you to be a doctor you’d probably refuse. But in the year 2016 with martial arts it’s perfectly ok to have zero real experience, still teach people, and call yourself a master. That ride belongs in Disneyland…so amazing.

I risked my life and was almost killed on many occasions. I’ve trained Silat and fought with Silat in full contact fighting and streetfighting because I joined a gang in my youth. I later traveled through Africa and Asia in some very tough situations. And I was a paramedic up close and personal with bloody nightmares daily.  I have real fighting experience and I’ve tasted other men’s blood in my mouth. So when I tell you to do something in training I mean to do it or you’ll die or someone else will die. It’s not for fooling around, it’s for survival because I care about your welfare and I want you to learn properly. I’m a quality instructor with a lot of real world experience that I share in my videos. Online martial arts training allows students to access that knowledge they could never get from their local gym or dojo. And lets them see the reality of what they are training locally and compare it to what a quality, experienced Silat fighter shows them. The days of inexperienced people posing as “masters” is over. Technology lets everyone check and compare the different systems and people who represent them. Those who have no real combat experience where they faced killing people or death are still students and they should represent themselves honestly as such. Online martial arts training allows you to make that powerful comparison without spending thousands of dollars to travel abroad only to be disappointed with yet another “Master” instructor who never bloodied his blade.

History is against anyone who thinks watching isn’t learning

Read martial history. China, Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillippines. Read. There are countless examples of students who learned techniques and training drills simply by spying on a known master. They got 80% of the movement, copied it, then re-engineered it to create their own drills and methods. Humans can fight. We are born to do that and our bodies are designed for it. When I used to fight full contact I messed up many opponents with stuff I learned on Gracie JiuJitsu videos! I just tried them out with full determination and didn’t give a rat’s ass about the consequences. My late brother, Umana, was a perfect example of that kind of skill. He could watch a martial arts form from any system and duplicate it with amazing skill. Then break down the movement, extract the techniques and test them out in full contact fighting. He kicked my ass in many situations with stuff I never saw before because of that amazing skill he had. We can all do it to varying levels of perfection. The important thing to remember is that almost any technique works if you have focused violence, commitment, and surprise on your opponent. Doesn’t matter if you’re using Goju Ryu, Taekwondo or your Granddad’s boxing tricks. They are ALL EFFECTIVE when used by a determined killer. One of the most vicious fighters I ever met was a Taichi fighter who fought triads in China’s fish markets during the cultural revolution. And Taichi is considered a “soft” art. So you only increase your chance of winning if you use street-validated, weaponized fighting technology like we offer in Pencak Silat Sharaf. Because learning from high-authority, experienced people with great combat technology, online or offline, will take your understanding of martial arts to the next level.

Ustaz Umana
Ustaz Umana – Fought bareknuckle pit fights for money against boxers, mma, streetfighters and other martial artists before he died. 

Take home point: Real combat knowledge, gained online or offline, and determination to use it are the keys to winning. What martial art you learned is secondary and whether your technique is 100% beautiful and perfect is tertiary. Because real survival is not rocket science. It’s simple, natural, focused violence. And if you have a great instructor you’ll also practice strategy. 

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