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Malaysian Embassy Education and Training Banquet – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The most successful people in history have had amazing coaches. The Sahaba had RasoolAllah (saws), Yusuf Tashfeen had his father, Saifudeen Qutuz had Al-Izz Bin Abdesalam. Why? Because they wanted to reach new heights and redefine what excellence and success was in their lives.

For the past ten years I’ve been working with executives, political candidates, athletes, soldiers, paramedics, and police officers to help them gain the mental edge with Silat Sharaf. The Martial philosophy of Silat Sharaf is such a powerful element that it easily translates from the killing zones to the corporate zones. Through understanding the strategy and mental systems in Silat Sharaf, I will help you connect to the system everyday, all-day.

Trainer Profile

  • Master Instructor Silat Sharaf
  • Bachelor Islamic Studies (Dar Al-Ihsan)
  • Professional Diploma Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (John Abbott)
  • Emergency First Aide and CPR – Healthcare Professional Level (Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada)
  • Basic Life Support – Healthcare Professional Level (Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada)
  • Trainer Certification (LingaTech)
Leadership Training
Communications Training – All Nippon Airways – Tokyo, Japan

Worked on Communications and Leadership Projects as Lead Trainer, Co-Trainer, or Training Curriculum Designer for Major Organizations

  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Malaysia
  • The Vietnamese Ministry of Education
  • The UCSI Group
  • The Thai Ministry of Education
  • Sudanese Defense Ministry
  • Monster.com
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Shiseido Group
  • Standard Chartered
  • Pepsi Co
Muslim Life Coaching
Halal Meat Factory Management Site Visit – Melbourne, Australia

What are the core values of the IL coaching relationship and how will I act on them?

Honesty and Integrity – I will tell you the truth as I see it as you set goals, develop strategies and work to achieve the results. I will give you the feedback that you may not receive from others, including those with whom you work with in your business. I will always be honest with you.

Accountability – I will hold you accountable for all agreed actions, commitments and goals we set together for your benefit. This is one of the most valuable aspects of having a coach – being held accountable for following through and not procrastinating. I will hold you accountable for doing your personal best at all times.

Realization of Your Potential and Value – You are not weak or broken. You have resources within yourself and in your environment that you can utilize to assure that you are fully successful. It’s my job to help you find them within yourself and your environment.

Muslim Life Coaching
Swiss Entrepreneur Coaching Candidate – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Action and Results Oriented – I see you as making an investment in your coaching and the only valuable investment is one that produces results. To be specific, results that are a return on your investment of time, money, and energy. My approach is about getting results – period. And if you ever feel what I give isn’t enough I’ll refund your every dime.

Coaching is a Success Partnership – I am here with you, becoming a partner in your success. I respect you and your journey in Silat and life. And, I understand the value of having an ongoing Coaching relationship.

What you can Expect from Working with me

When working directly with me there are a few professional commitments I will be making to you.

I Will Live My Values – The seven values listed above are the core values on which I build my coaching practice in Silat Sharaf. You can expect that I’ll be applying them to myself as well as the values that are espoused by our system as well.

I Will be Available – Because we are all living busy lives and have commitments to business, family and work I will make myself available to you one day per week at a mutually agreed upon time. During this time, my goal will be to return emails and video calls as soon as possible, usually the same day, but no later than 48 hours. And to receive you for your coaching session punctually.

I Will Commit to Serving You with Integrity – If I make a promise to you, this promise will be kept, in the way promised and in the time frame promised unless there is an exceptional circumstance. And if these circumstances arise I’ll notify you in advance to re-schedule our session. I will coach you with the highest standards of honesty, integrity, ethics, and professionalism as I believe the Sunnah offer Messenger (saws) requires. I always believe in providing high quality service and fast response times.


Muslim Life Coach
Turkish Management Coaching Candidate – Kedah, Malaysia

I will be Confidential – One of the most important aspects of a professional relationship is confidentiality. All of our interactions will remain strictly confidential, meaning that I will not share your information without your express consent. The only exception is without identifying you as sometimes I use people’s experiences as examples to help other people.

I will Listen and Communicate – The focus of our relationship is you, your needs and how Silat Sharaf can apply to your life, business, family or career. I listen to you and provide you feedback that is designed to help you move forward. I will be open and honest with you and I expect the same in return so the relationship can progress and I can help you.

I will Never Take Money Without Giving Value – My goal is to develop amazing quality Islamic Leadership coaching relationships with clients who want, need, and can afford the investment they are making. And I select the students for these relationships very carefully because not everyone is a correct fit for Sharaf and vice versa. So this process is via application only. I will interview you and we can discuss a bit about your needs and wants. If we are a good fit to work together then we can proceed with the coaching agreement. If at any time you’re not 100% satisfied I will refund your money to you immediately within the first 30 days of the agreement.

If you wish to apply and think you are a good fit, apply here. I’ll assess your application and reply within 2 business days, inshallah. Thank you.