How do you train women?

Women can be fierce fighters but intelligence is needed when it comes to training them. Whatever is correct for a man is NOT automatically correct for a woman also. You can’t just teach a small guy the same techniques as a big guy, they have different physiology and different capabilities…in other words they are unique. So, how more so is that correct when dealing with the female physiology and mindset? A woman’s body requires a different focus.

Basically when if you want to train women in your family it’s really hit or miss if they will even be interested. For those that are, you should focus on four primary training areas.

1. Mentality – use violence and determination development drills like tire, medicine ball, and stick torture training in small doses to get them used to hardship and to turn on the primal aggression in them few women ever experience.

2. Rule of fives – Teach them five striking, five grappling and five killing techniques…that’s it. Then train the hell out of those few techniques until they can challenge you openly using them. A women will rarely be able to beat a trained man but if she’s a challenge for me then I know she has a chance against a sophisticated opponent and can probably beat someone untrained.

3. Focus on weapons – Teach a lot of knife, stick, improvised weapons and firearms if possible. Then again pick five techniques and train the hell out of them until she can challenge your safety and skill level.

4. Strategy and Tactics – teach her to think tactically to avoid danger and when in the shitstorm how to get out of it. Teach her about angles of entry, using human shields, cover and concealment, how to clear a roomer house without a partner, how to conceal weapons, how to create safe rooms at home with weapons and provisions and communication access. Focus of the thinking side of combat and how to outsmart an opponent rather than fight him.

Thats my two sense and what i think is important for the female fighter. That doesn’t mean a woman won’t become a proficient combat master, but fewer will be willing to than men so its stay realistic.