Hot to Naturally Boost Testosterone to Beast Levels

You’re an entrepreneur, professional, maybe with a side hustle and a family and with all the craziness in your life you might have let yourself go a bit or let the stress get the best of you. If this sounds familiar, this article will definitely help you change your state and naturally boost testosterone. Sometimes in the mix of all we have going on in life and the stress of trying to achieve our professional goals, we as men forget to take care of ourselves. By doing so we cause a major drop in testosterone, the single ingredient that makes us masculine men. A serious drop in this powerful hormone that some call “the fountain of youth”, can make us lose our physical strength, sex drive, confidence, cause depression, lose muscle mass and cause the sudden appearance of the infamous moobies aka man boobs. We are talking about testosterone gentlemen, the ultimate male hormone. In a study reported by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, there has been a drop in the level of testosterone among American males to the tune of about 18% over past two decades. (JOCE) After the age of 30 and with increased stress in life, the level of testosterone drops gradually. But there are ways to naturally boost testosterone. You may ask why do we call testosterone the ultimate manpower hormone? Because a healthy level of testosterone,

Builds more muscles
Burns more fat
Makes your sex drive like a 17 year old (I remember those days)
Strengthens your erection
Boosts your self-confidence
Helps your overalll mood 

This is how you naturally boost testosterone

Train Like a Warrior 

Focus on Power Moves. Forget about spending all day working on your forearm muscles and doing curls. Instead focus on big muscle movements to build power and put your testosterone production into overdrive. Squats, deadlifts, bench press and military should presses is the way to go. Regular cardio sessions cause cortisol levels to spike, which works against boosting testosterone. Stick with a short moderate cardio session to warm up then do 20 min of High Interval training. An example of this would be 20 to 30 second sprints with a 1 min rest. 

Become a Martial Artist. I don’t know about you but nothing releases stress, negative energy and gives you a good boost of self-confidence like a good sparring session. Pick a good fight class and attend at least twice a week. Mix it up with your weight session. And if you don’t have a place close by, grab a buddy, and try out one of our online training videos to start you out.

Eat like a Beast 

If you want to increase testosterone you better drop your tofu salad and soy milk. This is what you need. 

Good Fats 

Numerous reports published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition state that the levels of testosterone are higher in people whose fat intake is high. Good quality non-processed fats are actually good for increasing testosterone and should be about 30% of your diet. A nice piece of steak, salmon, omega 3, olive oil, nuts and avocado. In a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, men that ate more than 100 grams of fat per day for two weeks had lower levels of a hormone that binds to testosterone called sex-hormone-binding globulin, which resulted in them having higher levels of free testosterone. 

Eat Eggs 

There is a reason I have 5 to 6 whole eggs for breakfast everyday. Testosterone is produced in the body by cholesterol; yolks contain higher levels of good cholesterol called High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) that help in forming the major building blocks to naturally boost testosterone. Also eggs are rich in zinc and loaded with protein, which is considered as the two most important essentials for the production of testosterone. 

Pamper Yourself like a King 

Get your spa on! So I started doing this to help my muscles recover from training about two years ago. I started going to the sauna and steam room more often. I also tried to get a massage once or twice a month. I noticed my skin looked much better and I was less stressed. My body felt energized after every session and my muscles recovered faster. Feeling relaxed and good about yourself and how you look does wonders for your confidence, which also helps to naturally boost testosterone. Many articles focus on supplements to take, the next pill to consume, and forget this critical natural part. 

Get more ZZZZ 

Lack of sleep can hinder your testosterone production; some studies show that men that sleep an average of 4 to 5 hours a night have 60% less testosterone than guys that sleep 8 hours a night. So make sure you get plenty of sleep. 

Chill in the Sun 

Well this might not be easy for people like me that grew up and lived in New England, but vitamin D which is mostly extracted by spending time in the sun has shown to naturally boost testosterone production in adult males. In the wintertime if you live in colder climates you can always supplement with vitamin D in pill form.