Gym Bros Have Mad Leadership Skills

Gym bros generally get a bad reputation. The words self-centered, shallow and meatheads spring into people’s mind when they hear the word “gym bro”.  Everyone loves talking about the annoying people at the gym. Making lists of the “ Worst people at the gym” or the “Fitness Mania” people get into. Of course, we can expect all kinds of foul behavior anywhere we go to do anything. But this hasn’t been my experience. Since I was fourteen years old when I first stepped foot in a gym to start working out, health and wellbeing have been a priority in my life. I learned so many valuable lessons and met so many great people that helped me not just on the physical improvement part of my life but on a personal and professional level.  That’s why I love my gym bros and I think business leaders can learn a lot from them. Especially in terms of true leadership traits.

Gym bros know it’s not a zero-sum game

One thing I love about gym bros is they all motivate each other to excel.  Even if you gain an ounce of muscle or lose the same amount in fat, gym bros will complement you on your major accomplishment saying the usual “you‘re getting big bro” or “looking lean”. Sometimes those small compliments and motivation change a person’s day or perspective on how they see themselves. Unfortunately, the same attitude is rarely present in a professional setting. Coworkers look at career advancements as a zero sum game. In order for one person to excel another has to suffer. One of the major things a leader needs to do is reward behavior that displays teamwork and cooperation and sharing in order to combat the zero-sum game mentality between team members.

Gym bros share their knowledge

Yes, there is a loud gym bro in any gym you go to but in general, gym bros share their knowledge. They share what exercises worked for them and what did not work. Their workout plans, diets, and supplement recommendations for new and inexperienced gym comrades. Gym bros also share their mistakes along the way to help you avoid them while you train. Business leaders should take notes from the gym bros on the importance of sharing lessons learned. And investing a large portion of their time developing their team members and helping them to be great leaders, too. Business leaders need to show more empathy by admitting their mistakes along the way in order to bring their experience to newcomers so they don’t fall into the same traps.

Gym bros know greatness takes time

Working out four or five times a week, meal prep, time management, and sacrifice are all too familiar to a dedicated gym bro. Gym bros understand it takes more than lifting weights to look good and improve their fitness and strength level. The time it takes to prepare your meals, plan your workout and measure progress is just as important if not more important than the exercises.  Gym bros know it’s a process and it takes years, dedication and sacrifice to achieve any worthwhile goals. The same attitude should be present in anyone that wants to be a great leader. It takes time, planning, constant tweaking and continuous improvement and sacrifice of activities you might enjoy in order to achieve any goal worth striving for. So to my gym bros, I know some people like to poke fun at you. But you taught me how to be a better man, a better leader, and a better friend.