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Become a Silat Sharaf Martial Strategist with the online martial arts training library. Apply the principles of the system to work  in, business, politics, street and life. With the online martial arts training membership you have access to our full library of over 2 dozen training videos that will help you learn from basic skills to hardcore street-validated Silat combatives. Get the best English language Street-focused Silat collection at your fingertips daily. Not sure about online training? Click here to be convinced in 5 minutes

“Ustaz Hussein helped me to weaponize my MMA training for the street. He’s got real world fighting experience and he’s the real deal when it comes to close quarter Silat training. I can’t thank him enough for helping me take my training to a higher level.”

Rashad, MMA Instructor
Boston, USA

The Online Video Library Membership Includes,

* 24 hour streaming video library available from your laptop, tablet, PC or phone

* One on one mentoring sessions with Ustaz Hussein

* Opportunity to gain a distance certification for your effort and studies 

* Support and be part of the Silat Sharaf worldwide family


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