Free Sharaf Crash Course

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What’s in the The Package

All Iron Sultan Vlog Episodes are available in the newsletter members section, free.

Free full length training videos for you to start experiencing the power of Silat Sharaf immediately.

1. The Deadly Mistakes that Can Kill You – Featuring Ustaz Yavuz from Turkey. I take you through some of the most critical mistakes from guns to knives to emptyhand combat that are made by martial artists everyday.

2. Takedowns! Put Em Down Fast and Hard – This great video shows some simple but brutal bodyweight takedowns, armed and unarmed. It also features parts of the Silat Sharaf Eagle Claw system used for skin rips and shredding.

3. Martial Medic Volume One: Street Medicine Essential Knowledge – Basic but important information for the street martial artist looking to learn a very, very valuable skillset that could save your life or someone else’s.

4. Shoulder Training for Close Combat – These simple drills will help you develop powerful close quarter combat skills to rip through opponents when you need to move quickly in multiple attacker situations.

5. Vintage Seminar Footage – Classic Silat Sharaf knifework. An oldie but a definite goodie.


All Free and Given With Love. With this knowledge you will already be a more dangerous fighter and far more equipped to take care of yourself or your family in dangerous situations. 

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