Distance Instructor Program

If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you

The Distance Instructor program provides you with a solid foundation in Silat Sharaf via our large library of training videos and learning materials. This program will give you the powerful foundation needed to instruct a group or an individual in the essential aspects of the system. We will guide you through our library, direct messaging, video reviews, and skype until we are confident in you and your skills. This program is ideal for instructors of other systems who wish to expand their knowledge base and grow into the curriculum slowly while continuing their other training.

Instructor Program Curriculum

a) Physical Combatives Training for the current year curriculum. We review, modify, improve and upgrade on a yearly basis so you will be trained/retrained in the latest curriculum. The physical combatives curriculum is designed to make you a professional in the use of violence against armed and unarmed adversaries. We do not teach anything in our physical curriculum simply for tradition’s sake. All techniques must meet key requirements in order to be accepted into the curriculum.

a) Speed, Power, Aggression and Mobility are the working principles underlying the Silat Sharaf combat technology. Any technique not meeting this requirement is ejected immediately.

b) The combatives curriculum is well balanced between offensive and defensive techniques that have a clear history of successful usage in actual combat. Any techniques which have not been combat tested effective are not taught and immediately ejected from the curriculum.

b) The Academic Curriculum will help you develop a strong understanding of strategy, tactics, risk assessment, emergency medical knowledge, teaching & presentation skills, and a host of other tools required for a professional combatives instructor in Silat Sharaf. We are educators and we take education very seriously. This section is as rigorous as the physical section and will require you to up your game to a whole new level.

c) The History & Leadership curriculum will focus on important events and battles as a basis for learning strategic theory, analysis, leadership, and problem solving through historical examples of success and failure.

Cost – 1500$

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