7 Everyday Carry Items That Can Save Your Life

Author: Manny OG

Everyday carry (EDC) or every day carry refers to items that are carried on a consistent basis to assist in dealing with normal everyday needs, including possible emergency situations. (Wikipedia).

Your EDC can assist in getting you out of some messed up situations and even save your life, and it doesn’t have to be a massive gear in a backpack, it should be as minimalistic as possible so they can fit in almost any outfit you wear. Plus what you carry should carry with you on daily basis strongly depends on your occupation, sex, age, surroundings and your day-to-day activities. So here are some items you should have as your EDC if you don’t already;

1. Knife

Knives are basically one of the everyday things we use, especially at home for different purposes but they can serve us outside the house as well. If you get trapped in a stuck vehicle seatbelt, cutting your way through an obstacle or fighting off an attack, knives come in very handy. Quick open pocket knives like the Cold Steel AK47 or the Fox Klaw Folding Karambit are ideal for this purpose. However, before getting one, before having a knife on your person in public places and outdoors, make sure you are familiar with the laws regarding knives wherever you are based or plan to go to. In some states, any blade more than 3 inches long is not considered a legal carry, some laws are so strict that you could get jailed just for having a swiss army knife in your pocket.

2. Tactical Flashlight

I consider tactical flashlights my favorite EDC tool. Flashlights are very useful to find your way when walking down the street in the dark. It is also useful for preventing most physical attacks. I own a ThorFire pen-sized 800 lumen tactical flashlight with sharp edges, it’s got 5-Modes (High – Medium – Low – SOS – Strobe). It can be used as an emergency glass breaker and a kubotan as well. I have it on me all the time and it has helped me a lot, even in daylight. I was confronted by a thug a few months ago, all I did was switch on the strobe function and pointed the flashlight directly in his eyes, he was blinded for a few seconds while I made my way out of the area as fast as I could. You could also use the flashlight on your mobile phone as well however, it may not be as powerful and bright as a tactical flashlight.

3. Tactical Pen

The tactical pen could be a useful appendage or replacement to the flashlight, depending on your choice of course. This pen is made from aviation aluminum, it can break almost any surface, it can cause damage when used as a kubotan for self-defense and don’t forget, it is also used for writing as well.

4. Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are the most commonly used EDC items. They serve well in so many ways; messaging, calls, emails, video recording, navigation, taking pictures, etc. Your mobile phone can get you out more unwanted situations than you can imagine. I always recommend two phones, a smart phone that houses all kinds of useful technology and a burner phone which mainly for calling and texting. When the battery runs out on one, the other can easily replace it, but with the burner phone, it is stronger, the battery when fully charged lasts 48 hours or more it is cheap and easily disposable in times of extreme emergency. If handled right, the burner phone is also useful in self-defense situations.

5. Nylon Lanyard/Ribbon

This is another useful EDC item. You can do a lot with this, you can do things like tying up of a thing or an attacker that you have managed to subdue while you wait for the police to arrive, you can use it to pull out victim of an attack from danger. When attached to something like a carbine hook it is a very useful self-defense tool, you can whip your way out of any situation with it. On the Sharaf Online Video Library, you will find detailed demonstration on the use of nylon ribbons.

6. Fire

Man’s most basic need, fire. For warmth, for cooking, disposal, fun, defense etc, fire comes in pretty handy. For EDC, you could get matchbox or lighter however, if they get wet somehow, they are useless so I recommend a fire starter, it comes in all shapes and sizes but the smaller the better.

7. Clothing

This is the most important of all aforementioned. Always choose outfits that would be able to accommodate you EDC, as you know it is not always it is not everywhere you can go with a backpack. I usually wear the normal denim or cargo pants that has a lot of pockets and pouches where my EDC can go into, everything in the right place where they can be reached very quickly. If it is a formal outfit, then my coat serves my purpose.

Apart from my phones, nylon ribbon and wallet, this is what my normal EDC looks like;

  • A wrist watch
  • Tactical torch
  • Fox Money Clip
  • Chinese Brass knuckles that look like a thumb-ring when folded
  • Keychain

Other EDC Items You Might Want To Consider

  • Rape Alarm
  • Pepper spray
  • A Multitool
  • Pocket sized First aid kit
  • A Gun
  • Notebook
  • Butterfly comb

Whatever items you choose for your EDC, make sure they are compact, high quality and aid multiple purposes.