These 4 Items Can Save You From a Mugging

Author: Manny OG

With the rise of public broad daylight mugging in towns and cities, one has to be careful at all times, careful of where you are and where you’re going. This can happen at anytime anywhere, especially on unsuspecting visitors or tourists. Some friends and I were chatting about this earlier, and we came up with some really interesting ideas that can help anyone during this situation. Muggers act quick, loud and violent, and in that moment in time they’re taking away your precious valuables, they do not have time or patience (like they ever do) to check the contents of your wallet and bags. So the following items or tips will help save you and your valuables in case of any mugging;

  1. Decoy Bag/Wallet

When you’re out and about, if you like going out with a bag, always make sure to carry what I call a “decoy bag” that is more visible than the other one with items you don’t necessary need inside. I recommend newspapers, pens, any junk you don’t really need and can do away with. If you prefer just going out with your wallet, a best practice is to always have an extra wallet with you. Fill this wallet with the smallest money notes, if you have an old expired bank card, scratch of the details on the card and leave it in that wallet. Always have the “decoy wallet” in a pocket where you can access it easily and quickly. Do not argue with the muggers, just be quick to give them the decoy and they’ll most likely be on their way.

2.  Strap Carrier

While using sellotape or duct-tape is good, don’t forget the discomfort of taking it off and using a new one each time you need to. This strap is not just for people who run, everybody else can use this as a form of security. While your decoy bag or wallet is taken away you still got your valuables intact. This is professionally designed security wallet, to be worn over or under clothing. Holds money, cash cards, passports & valuables, with wide heavy duty velcro fastening straps. Depending on style or brand, some have two or more large zipper compartments, super thin design, ultralight comfort contoured styling. Get the absorbent nonwoven kind as it is right for the skin layer, and is made of strong water-resistant material. It is great for adults & children.

3. Underarm Pocket Shoulder Bag/Vest

If you ask me, I’d say this is a must have. It can contain almost everything you need plus more for your outing, traveling or partying. This is made from wear-resisting sensor nylon and waterproof material, double bag designed, which can carry any paraphernalia such as mobile phone, wallet, MP3, Pen, Keys, Notepad, Passport, and so on. It is adjustable and fit well under any hoodie, sweatshirt, coat or jacket.

4. Baby Nappies

This is by far my favourite. I use this almost everytime I go out with the family, especially when we are visiting the beach or a public pool. The picture alone creates a feeling in you, nobody wants to touch a full baby nappy, that’s the kind of feeling you want your muggers to have when they corner you. You put all valuables like watches, money, rings, even most wallets can fit in there. Wrap it like a used nappy and nobody will go near it, I guarantee it. The above picture puts things in perspective.